Shimizu inn is a gassyo-style (thatched-roof house) guest house located at the East end of Shirakawa village, one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will enjoy a relaxed time in the slow paced atmosphere that is detached from busy cities. In spring, you will enjoy a magnificent view of Hakusan (2700m mountain) whose peaks are still covered with snow. In summer, you will enjoy the beautiful chorus of frogs and insects that reside in terraced rice fields which stretches out before Shimizu inn. In autumn, trees whose leaves are dyed in many different colours will warm your heart. In winter, you will enjoy the lively sound of burning charcoal in silence that deep snow creates. Shimizu inn is a small inn and only has three rooms. At dinner and breakfast, all guests will sit around an irori (hearth) and enjoy home style cuisine that is prepared with lots of home grown vegetables.




Approximately 10 minutes drive from Shirakawa I.C. (Tokai-Hokuriku Express way) We have parking lot for 5 cars.

Highway buses

Approximately 15 minutes walk from Shirakawa-go bus stop We are glad to carry your luggage if it is very bad weather. (Please let us know the arriving time before hand)


Basic rates

9200 yen

Dinner and Breakfast

8600 yen

Only Dinner

6900 yen

Only Breakfast

6300 yen

Without Meals

Additional fees

One person occupancy 500 yen
Heating(Oct. - Apr.) 500 yen / guest
Guest with small children
Please ask us for detail.

Check In & Check Out

If you arrive early, please drop off your luggage at the inn and enjoy sightseeing of the village.
You can also leave your car at the inn.

Cancellation fee

1 week - 4 days before reservation:30% (of Total)
3 days - 1 day before reservation:80% (of Total)
On the day of reservation:100% (of Total)


Please e-mail us at shimizuinnjp@hidatakayama.ne.jp with following information:

Name of Guest
Number of Guests
Telephone Number
How to get to Shimizu inn
Approximate arriving time

The reservation is complete only after you have received the confirmation email from us.